9×9: Jorge Arévalo

jorge arevalo main
3 Silly Questions
1.If I weren’t an illustrator I would probably be photographer or soccer player.
2.Illustration is important because the portrayed character is as important as the illustrator.  
3.My illustrations look the way they do because I try to depict the character through the minimum strokes and place him in a context that makes him look special, almost as it was a movie
3 Boring Questions
1.The three things that describe my illustrations the best are  clean / seductive / elegant
2.When I create I use passions, fetishes, experiences
3.When someone looks at my work I don’t expect them to feel cool, but I’m glad if they feel the coolest

3 Irrelevant Questions

1. My favorite ice-cream flavor, film character & typing font are: Chocolate, Steve Mcqueen & Caslon
2.If I didn’t live in Madrid I would like to live in New York
3.Knowing that time is the most valuable thing is an information that would make everyone’s life easier!

The 9 illustrations that represent your art best are:

Alexa Chung
Charlotte Casiraghi
Josh Brolin
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Kanye West
Kate Moss
Nate King Cole
Sasha Grey
Vanessa Paradis
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