Tobias Feltus was born to two figurative American painters, Lani Irwin and Alan Feltus, into a creative environment. That led to his design related studies and his abstract artistic instinct that he decided to manifest in photography. He usually takes self portraits or the people who are close to him, like his family or his girlfriend. Tobias has also worked together with his brother Joseph in quite a few projects. (

Feltus Family

”Censorship, or prudeness, is both a friend and an enemy. I am a shy person. Shy about myself. But shyness does allow me to see a vague wall to lean against. So sometimes i will present something where i am challenging my shyness. My prudeness. And I see this as a challenge to myself, not to others. If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be me. And besides, nudity cannot be offensive, as whoever we are, it is the one thing that I know we all have.”

”Fashion. I may not be the most fashionable man in the world. Possibly even starting from my choice in photographic equipment, or my obsession with orange. But I do love it. I fell in love with fashion several years ago, when I was studying design, and realized that the fashion industry was blessed with deadlines and expiry, which gave it a frivolity which makes it sit half way between fine art and industrial design: a painter spends a lifetime trying to paint the perfect painting, but can allow each stage of this to be sold, or taken, as it is imperfect. A designer will spend years ruminating, say, the perfect clock, and will present it as god, when, ultimately, it is just another clock. In fashion one may have two months to design and prototype a collection, maybe based on a thought, word, or painting, then ready it, and let it go. And this twice a year, at least. They are blessed. And this is why I like to work with fashion whenever I can, as it can be played with in a most creative, abstract and playful manner, and yet has deadlines, props, and maybe a one word guideline as to what it is to look like.”

”Portraits are by far the hardest photograph to take. Therefore I love taking them, as they are the ultimate challenge, that can make or break a shoot. Make it good and fun, or make it a failure.”

HZ-Kino, a FeltusFeltus film. Created by Joseph Feltus in response to the ‘Heimischer Zirkus’ photographic series by Tobias Feltus and Caroline Bliemel.

Images courtesy of Tobias Feltus. © All rights reserved.

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  1. sydandpianyc says:

    Seriously????? These picture and post are amazing!

  2. sydandpianyc says:

    Reblogged this on Sydandpia's Blog and commented:
    I’m so in love with this blog, and this post is magnificent!

  3. Mike Schultz Paintings says:

    Great post and blog– I really like your aesthetic. I am not sure if I have ever been jealous of someone’s parents before, but what a lucky fellow to be born to two great painters!

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