ON PAPER: Luka Maurer


Designer: Luka Maurer Where: Switzerland  Inspiration: I started fashion fours years ago with a strong science-fiction/post-nuclear comics inspiration… But after a few years, the interpretation of my drawings into clothes did not excited me. There were no surprises in that transition anymore. So I changed my mind and decided to turn my inspiration into something subliminal. Something hidden that you don’t … Continue reading

9×9: Haleh Barmaki

hale main

3 Silly Questions 1. If I had to explain to a 5 year-old what I do for a living, I would say I try to see the rainbow after rain. 2. The world can’t exist without illustration  because  imagination and creativity behind illustration realize the world. 3. To my worst enemy, I would recommend to watch the … Continue reading



Designers / Tasarımcılar: Iñaki & Aitor Muñoz Location / Yer: Barcelona Inspiration / İlham: Color combinations, geometric forms, artistic or cinematographic references. / Renk kombinasyonları, geometrik şekiller, sanatsal ya da sinematografik referanslar. SKETCHES / TASLAKLAR Spring/Summer’12 Spring/Summer’12 Fall/Winter 11-12 Fall/Winter 11-12     Fall/Winter 08-09     Spring/Summer’08   Spring/Summer’07   http://www.ailanto.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ailanto/108567039177893 http://twitter.com/Ailantomoda



Brand/Marka: Traka Barraka Designer/Tasarımcı: Ana Santos & Olatz Esquiroz Inspiration/İlham: ‘Rainbow Brite’ , ‘Care Bears’, 50s and 60s Location/Yer: Bilbao / Spain Click/Tıkla: http://trakabarraka.com/ http://www.fiermanagement.com/post/3014148394/care-bears-with-a-twist-please

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