Coco Dávez passionate about illustration, photography and decoration. At the very young age of 23 she has made herself a spot within the ilustration market. Two years ago she presented her blog ‘I’m not a cliché’ where she showed an imaginary world full of pintoresque characters. Colaborating with Metrópoli And Magazine, she has worked with … Continue reading

9×9 : Alejandro Garcia


3 Silly Questions 1. Being an illustrator  is the best job in the world because I can do anything, both real and fictional.
 2. Illustration is important because  you make people react to something.
 3. The worst time of the day to create is none because you never know what time of the day you will get the inspiration. 3 Boring Questions 1. My … Continue reading

9×9 : Lazarina Nedelcheva

zena main

3 Silly Questions 1. It is easy to be an illustrator because you draw while playing inside your mind for living and difficult because it’s expensive. 2. Illustration is important because you show a point of view about something. 3. The best time of the day to create is night time because everyone is asleep and … Continue reading



Designer: Mustafa Aydın Mustafa Aydın was born in 1985, in Istanbul and studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, School of Textile and Fashion Design. During his education, Aydın attended several fashion design contests. He became finalist at EIB Fashion Design Contest in 2006 and at Turkish Blue Denim Design Contest in 2007. He was awarded … Continue reading

Open your heART! : Carlos Romo Melgar

carlos romo melgar

Each and every one of us in a certain part of our lives, to find our way, have used some traditional papermaps. Either to adventurously explore new places during our trips or simply not to get lost. However, nowadays people prefer to use navigation devices or mobile applications that ask of us to share our … Continue reading


oscar dresses on paper

Watching The Red Carpet is one of the most entertaining events during the year. It gives us tips for the next season’s trends and ‘taste’ of the celebrities. For her latest project Brazilian fashion illustration artist Camilla Gray created series of watercolor drawings of the 2012 Oscar presenting her favorite outfits of Hollywood actors from the … Continue reading

9×9 : Matt Richards

matt richards

3 Silly Questions 1. If I had to explain to a 5 year-old what I do for a living, I would say I try to draw what you are thinking… 2. The world can’t exist without illustration  because everything would be visualised far too literally. 3. To my worst enemy, I would recommend to watch … Continue reading



3 Silly Questions  1. Working as an illustrator made me realize that I’m not made for an office job. 2. A compliment for my illustrations would be saying that someone cut it out to keep it. 3. My Illustrations are not necessarily important because we’re not talking about life changing experiences, I just want them to please the … Continue reading


geoffrey guillin

3 Silly Questions 1. If I had to explain to my grandmother what I do for a living, I would say that i’m drawing people with my Heart to give them happiness and a more colorful and bright vision of themselves! 2. The world is a bit better and prettier place with my art in it … Continue reading


ricardo cavolo

3 Silly Questions 1. If I had to explain to a 5 year-old what I do for a living, I would say I paint and draw for being happy. 2. The world can’t exist without illustration  because it is another kind of telling stories, and the world needs so many stories. 3. To my worst … Continue reading

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